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2018 edgescan Stats Report click to view: full report

The edgescan vulnerability management approach

edgescan™ delivers a unique service combining fullstack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics.
The on-demand service approach maps to modern agile development and devops approaches to system development:
  • Frequent/continuous assessments
  • Expert validation of all discovered security issues
  • Bug tracking Integration via our API
  • WAF rule generation & SEIM Integration

edgescan approach

Main benefits


edgescan security analysts are experts in vulnerability management and penetration testing. They manually verify all discovered security vulnerabilities, so our clients benefit from accurate (false positive free) vulnerability intelligence.


edgescan provides continuous or on-demand security assessments in a production safe manner so you can be assured your business is getting the coverage as required.

Cost Benefits

edgescan is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that can save your business significant costs. With edgescan, there is no need for hiring and training additional security staff, and no need to purchase further hardware or software licenses.

edgescan can help you with

Data Protection

Protecting client's data, reputation, financial, privacy, intellectual property (IP).


edgescan helps you to comply with auditing and compliance standards (ISO 27001, PCI, etc.).


edgescan helps you to free up security staff to focus on other issues.


edgescan enables you to react quickly to security threats, by knowing what issues you face.

Continuous vulnerability management by edgescan

How it works
  • Our expert security analysts on-board, enumerate and prioritise your assets (e.g. websites, mobile applications, web applications, cloud applications, endpoints & hosting servers) into edgescan.
  • We perform continuous vulnerability assessments of all assets, as much or as little as you require. edgescan assessments cover both technical to logical testing and cover all OWASP vulnerabilities, WASC threat classification and CWE known vulnerabilities. edgescan also aligns and surpasses PCI compliance requirements. (Click here for the full list of edgescan’s vulnerability licensing types.)
  • False Positive Free: Manual verification by our expert security analysts ensures that all application and network vulnerabilities found are verified as real and ranked by security risk. This procedure allows for a false positive free vulnerability intelligence for all assets.
  • The edgescan online portal provides 24/7 visibility of security metrics, trending data, key performance indicators (KPI's) and enables users to generate custom reports to manage and remediate cybersecurity risk. Our fully extensible API provides users with the ability to integrate edgescan vulnerability intelligence into any GRC or bug tracking system.
  • Ultimately, edgescan users benefit from continuous vulnerability management, asset visibility and security intelligence.
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Why choose a managed security service like edgescan

edgescan provides an active vulnerability management solution

edgescan offers outstanding support in relation to vulnerability management. This includes integration with SIEM and GRC solutions (via an open XML API), mobile application support, reporting and metrics on demand.
Being a SaaS (Security-as-a-Service ) solution, edgescan is highly scalable. Our managed security service implements proprietary delta-analysis algorithms which give the ability to deliver accurate results and trending information coupled with risk metrics.
Our blending of sensible security metrics, ease of use and filtering within the client’s portal makes it easy for a client even with a large amount of assets under management to view the most important cyber risks facing them.

The portal

The edgescan online portal allows users to quickly view their security posture as well as asset performance over time. Clients can generate useful reports, from executive summaries to detailed technical reports with remediation advice.
edgescan assets screen
edgescan dashboard screen
edgescan reports customisation

Choose a plan to suit your needs

Choose edgescan standard for full-stack vulnerability assessments with manual verification. For additional deep dive penetration tests, talk to us about edgescan advanced

Indepth process

edgescan solutions

edgescan™ standard

edgescan™ advanced

*Deep Dive Pen Testing includes: Behavioural and business logic testing, State logic weaknesses, Horizontal and Vertical Authorisation, Authentication logic testing, Session management bypass, Anti-Automation Controls, Weak Password recovery, Brute Force and Reverse Brute force resiliency.
edgescan classification

edgescan, your SaaS Managed Security Service