edgescan vulnerability management features

Progress Tracking

Tracking your vulnerability history so you can measure your security posture and improvement over time.

Manual Validation

No time wasted on figuring out next steps, as all findings are verified to be real, accurate and risk rated by our security engineers.

Awesome Reports

Deeply customisable reporting, from executive summary to deep technical data and remediation advice.

Time Saving

The information you need to prioritise your security issues and help you focus your efforts – maximize your time.


Assessments – scheduled when you want them. I.e. did you change your code base? spin up a new server?

Robust Api

Connect to our API and consume your local generated data to avail of our awesome graphs and reporting tools.


Significant global experts have been the architects of our practices and approach.

Security Insights

Verification of security improvements and information on any new threats or emerging threats.

Cost Savings

Save money and time by understanding what risks are faced by your systems and how to fix them.

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